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The lifestyle brand Oltre. is born from the artistic intention of the creative director Paola Pioletti. According to her innovative interpretation of fashion she reinvents a modern style redefining the stylistic standards of the 21 century.

Sources of inspiration are Tim Burton, Billie Eilish, Mary Shelley, romantic and eclectic figures which have been able to bring to life the fascination of dim light emotions.

At the center of her attentions, embraced to a sort of grey world, there is the respect for the human being and his lovable imperfections. She always thinks that: "Human beings are leaving treasures, made of many things stitched up by visible stitches", and this is why she has dedicated her first collection up to this point of view. Go beyond appearances to find treasures: this is the communication need of the brand Oltre.

Paola Pioletti is also a passionate writer and she is present in the publishing world since she has published her biography, "Biografia di un'artista, storia di un'anima appartata schiva e ribelle", Aracne edizioni, as well as other independent publications on Amazon.